Natural Ways to Increase Penis Size – The very same Techniques I did previously Get a 9" Sized Penis

Here are natural solutions to increase penis size fast should you be completely unsatisfied with your size are silently hoping that you had a bigger penis. Doubts you could just do something about it. There’s hope!

While others would bravely take penis pills and while rich men prefer surgery treatment, you may risk your well being or your hard earned cash with these methods that have questionable results and possible adverse reactions. Well, you do not have to worry for there is a way which will help you become bigger and thicker without popping any pill and without undergoing a surgical procedure. With the use of your own two hands or by natural strategies to increase penis size, it is possible to achieve a prolonged and wider penis in a matter of weeks.


The effects is probably not the same for anyone men however the point here is that you have to perform these penis exercises regularly in an effort to see the results. You will discover three known natural strategies to increase penis size. These are: jelqing, stretching and Kegel exercises.

Jelqing is among the oldest methods in improving penis size that is originally utilized by Arabians. This exercise involves motions of “milking” the penis. This is done to improve the amount of blood that fills increase your corpora covernosa, making the penis become bigger.

Stretching exercises to the penis aims to stretch your penis’ tissues. This being active is said to help the length as well as width of one’s penis. Kegel workouts are for the PBC muscle that is capable of delaying your erection, making you last longer on lovemaking.

These natural approaches to increase penis size is possible using a schedule so as to see better improvement.A very significant thing take into consideration when trying exercise schedule is a sensation of your penis. When your penis feels painful as well as your hard-on quality isn’t good then down push until things become better. You won’t see any improvements if your penis isn’t inside of a healthy condition.

This is usually a schedule which you can use in order to get started. However, you must remember that if your penis does not feel ok, you must not exercise it. Also, don’t forget to take correct measurements in order to see your improvements.

First week. Do your stretching for five minutes. Next, do your squeeze for 5 minutes and abide by it up with jelqing for 10 mins. You should remember to get gentle with all your equipment to let your penis tissue to adapt to the new trauma in the workout. Do the exercises every other day of the week.

Second week. Stretch with the first 5 minutes, squeeze for the next 5 minutes and do the jelq for A quarter-hour. The pressure that you just exert on these exercises have to be a little harder. Once you feel pain, you will need to be applying ample pressure. Do that every other day of the week.

Third week.Perform stretching for 10-20 minutes then squeeze for the next 10 minutes. Lastly, do the jelq for 20 minutes. The pressure must be in excess of before. However, you must not feel any pain while doing the exercises. If you see red dots appearing on your own penis, decrease the pressure you are using. The red dots are small burst capillaries that ought to go away and are generally signs that you have to ease everything up. Again, do this every other day each week.

Fourth week. Do the stretching exercises for 15 minutes then squeeze for Quarter-hour. After that, do the jelq for Half an hour. This must be the maximum pressure that you may apply. Make sure you do your Kegels, too.

These natural solutions to increase penis size should be done regularly so as to see results. Enjoy!

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