Penis Decapitation and the Circumcisional Guillotine – Horrors of Circumcision Part III

This group of articles is supposed to help tell men and women precisely what the ill effects of circumcision cause from the human male. This unique article will discuss penile head perception and sexual expanse relative to the presence of the foreskin.

Surface Area will be the region (surface) of any type of object and is very important in perceiving sensory input and creating sexual pleasure in the penis.

A wonderful way to look at it is just a solar panel. When you’ve got a small solar power electrical that is two inches by two inches, you should have four square inches of area to catch the sunshine. If your cell was four inches by four inches, you will have sixteen square inches of floor to catch the sun shine.

Surface area is critical in your penis, for your more exterior you have, the greater pleasure you are going to receive. Exterior is a little more challenging to calculate from the penis, since it is a solid object, nevertheless, you should still understand the idea.


Now, inside circumcised male, he’s got one penile head (glans). Consequently when his penile head influences vagina, that she has the area of one penile head to be stimulated while having sex.

However, the man that’s uncircumcised has two more penile heads compared to the circumcised man has, not less than in terms of surfaced area.

The basis for this is how the foreskin has a similar exterior to the head of the penis. In some cases this task has more (or less) with respect to the size of the foreskin. Since foreskin has the same expanse as the head of your penis, this means that it, too, can perceive sensation, similar to the penile head can. However, for the reason that foreskin is two-sided, it actually acts for making two more penile heads, with regards to sensatory perception.

Here the place this works:

Circumcised Man

1) During the vagina, the surfaces from the head of the penis, will be stimulated by the vaginal walls. This equals one penile head be stimulated.

Uncircumcised Man

1) The outer covering of his foreskin are going to have contact with the vaginal walls. This equals the surfaced subject of one go to be simulated.

2) The inside of the foreskin are going to have contact with the penile head. This implies the inner surfaces with the foreskin will be stimulated. This equals the symptoms area on ANOTHER go to be stimulated. Which makes two heads, up to now.

3) The inside of the foreskin are going to have contact with the pinnacle of the penis. Consequently the outer surface of the penile head will likely be stimulated through the inner surface of the foreskin. This means that the surface area of ANOTHER head is being stimulated. This makes three penis heads being stimulated.

In simple terms, in the uncircumcised male:

1) The surface surfaces on the foreskin is being stimulated.

2) The medial side surfaces with the foreskin is being stimulated.

3) The outdoors surfaces of the penile head is being stimulated.

So, anybody can clearly notice that a man who is uncircumcised has the surfaces of THREE penis heads to get stimulated, as you move the circumcised man has only the surface of merely one penile go to be stimulated. Therefore the circumcised man has brought two penis heads, literally, decapitated.

Yet, the crazy thing is, individuals who generate income off of the circumcisional process have done studies that report that there is NO loss of sensation that has a man who will be circumcised. Who’s kidding who here? Look, folks, we ain’t that dumb… As usual, following the money trail will most likely give one keen comprehension of what the real story is.

Georg von Neumann

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